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Toolcraft AR 308 / AR-10 Firing Pin Retaining Pin Details

Toolcraft is a highly regarded OEM providing high quality parts to many of the big players in the AR-15 and AR-308 world. Their parts are top notch and are equal to any mil-spec bolt carrier component from Colt, BCM or Daniel Defense. Why bother paying more for a brand-name part when you can get it straight from the factory? This particular product is a standard, run-of-the-mill AR-308 mil-spec firing pin retaining pin for your bolt carrier group. Good to have a couple of these on hand as extras, in case you have a tendency of losing little bits or if you've managed to screw up your first one by monkey-wrenching it in! You get: (1) AR-308 firing pin retaining pin Compatible with: All AR-308 bolt carriers Installation Difficulty: Tools required: None. Needle-nose pliers can help if the pin is being especially stubborn. Installation notes: We here in the shop like to replace the firing pin retaining pin every 10 times that it's inserted / removed or if there is any issue in order to make sure the firing pin has the correct tension on it and so it doesn't fall out on you.

Full Specification
  • Brand Name : Toolcraft

    Distributor :

  • Distributor Product ID: 7649

    Distributor SKU: 688759-TCFPRP-308

  • Caliber: None

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  • Brand Name : Toolcraft
  • Distributor:
  • Distributor ID: 7649
  • Distributor SKU: 688759-TCFPRP-308
  • Caliber: None
  • Categories: None

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