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TNA 223 Wylde Heavy Barrel, 1:8" 16 inch Details

These barrels are white label to us, made in the good ole US of A. They have a parkerized finish.The barrels come with a .223 Wylde chamber which is different than .223, and 5.56. This means that both .223 and 5.56 ammo ammo will work just darn diggity, in fact that's what .223 Wylde is optimized for. We offer these barrels in a variety of twist rates. For those of us without a degree in aerodynamics, you only need to know the following. Bullets are spin stabilized. They need to spin within a specific range depending on the bullet (not cartridge) diameter, length, weight, velocity, temperature, atmospheric pressure and ballistic coefficient. That's right folks, if you want to shoot sub MOA you'd better match your projectiles to the barrelparameters. So this is a lot for gopher-getters and people just looking to make some noise. If you are into this type of stuff you are probably not buying a barrel from this list. For the rest of us, this basic twist rate tool will help you decide which barrel to buy. You'll notice that the 1 in 7 does pretty much everything and you're right. But if you are only shooting heavy projectiles you will be wasting energy trying to make it spin faster than it needs to. Guide to Twist Rates: As a rule of thumb, the heavier the bullet the faster the twist rate needs to be to stabilize and not key hole. Of course this is also dependent on the projectile length, ballistic coefficient and velocity among other things. If you want to play with the unde

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  • Brand Name : True North Arms (TNA)

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  • Distributor Product ID: 9219

    Distributor SKU: tna-223-wylde-heavy-barrel-16

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  • Brand Name : True North Arms (TNA)
  • Distributor:
  • Distributor ID: 9219
  • Distributor SKU: tna-223-wylde-heavy-barrel-16
  • Caliber: None
  • Categories: None

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