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16" Lightweight SMART LOCKING Expandable Baton II Details

Compare to Bonowi® EKA batons 270g lightweight aircraft grade aluminum alloy construction. Rebalanced steel tip section. Low Profile black finish. Non-slippery rubberized handle. Smart Locking 2020 design, can be opened with a light flick of the wrist or by pulling the top section until both sections lock in place. To close, simply press the button at the bottom and gently slide the baton back into the handle, no need to smash against a solid surface at the perfect angle. The impact force is absorbed by the rubber grip and slide rings at the transitions between the individual rod sections. Comes with a nylon holster and grip safety ring included. Legal in Canada, must be over 18 to purchase, no license required. * is not affliated in anyway with Bonowi® or it's trademark holders. This is not a Bonowi® Smartlock product. SKU ATBTNDRUM16L

Full Specification
  • Brand Name : Dominion Arms

    Distributor :

  • Distributor Product ID: 5573

    Distributor SKU: ATBTNDRUM16L

  • Caliber: None

    Related: Self-defense

  • Categories:

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  • Brand Name : Dominion Arms
  • Distributor:
  • Distributor ID: 5573
  • Distributor SKU: ATBTNDRUM16L
  • Caliber: None
  • Categories: Self-defense

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