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Front Sight Block Taper Reamer No. 2/0 And #31 Jobber Drill Details

Ah, s o you're the dude who's going to install his own FSB and use the taper pin strategy to secure it. Drilling and reaming a front sight base isn't for the faint of heart. Be patient and go slow using your taper pins as a guide. This is the ultimate kit with both a nice, sharp new drill and reamer for you to play with. Both the reamer and jobber drill are high speed steel (HSS) The drill bit is Titanium Nitride coated to look sexy and golden You get: (1) 2/0 HSS taper reamer (1) #31 TiN coated jobber drill for stating the holes Compatible with: All FSBs and barrels Installation Difficulty: (Yep five wrenches just because it's not something you normally do) Tools required : Drill press, vice, tap handle, measuring strategy to ensure you're drilling your barrel exactly 90 degrees from the barrel extension pin and gas port Installation notes: Watch several youtube videos first. I line up the FSB on the barrel over the gas port as required and mark with a scribe line. Now rotate the assembly 90 degrees you can indicate the side of the barrel extension dowel or a calibrated muzzle device to see this. Make sure the FSB is lined up where you need it to be then drill your holes through the FSB and barrel at the same time. Once the holes are drilled get out the taper reamer and SLOWLY finish the tape hose by hand until just right using the actual taper pins you will be installing as a guide.

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  • Brand Name : None
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  • Distributor ID: 4556
  • Distributor SKU: 688770046545
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