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Description DAA Twin Quad Loader The DAA Twin Quad Loader mounts two Quad loaders on one belt attachment, allowing you to carry 8 shells in a compact format, not taking up too much space on your belt. The two Quad Loaders are connected by a sturdy aluminum rail, which enables the shooter to rotate the assembly to any angle, making it possible to position one Quad Loader above the other. This layout is preferred by many, and is not possible to achieve when two separate Quad Loaders are in use. The DAA Quad Loader is machined from sturdy aluminum and Delrin, creating a tough efficient design that allows you tilt adjustment and quick interchangeability when mounted to our Alpha Rail System Base. (Supplied as standard) Strong embedded magnetshold the top rounds securely in place, and flexible clamps machined into the lower platform contribute further to the retention. Shake these all you like, and you will not be able to dislodge the shells! But grip them in your hand and pull outwards – and they pop out with practically no resistance. Adjusting for various shell lengths can be done on the fly, without removing your rig, and without any tools. Simply turn the large tension wheel and the upper support slides up and down the rail to match your shell length.

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  • Brand Name : Double Alpha

    Distributor :

  • Distributor Product ID: DAA 102155

    Distributor SKU: DAA 102155

  • Caliber: None

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  • Brand Name : Double Alpha
  • Distributor:
  • Distributor ID: DAA 102155
  • Distributor SKU: DAA 102155
  • Caliber: None
  • Categories: & IPSC 3GUNS POUCH

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