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Description PRIMOS 3-N-1 TURKEY LOCATOR CALL The shrill cries of peacocks, pileated wood peckers, and coyotes are well known for driving gobblers crazy. Use the 3-N-1 Locator to produce any of these sounds and gobblers won’t be able to resist giving away their location. The 3-N-1 is Locator will pull a gobble out of even the most pressured birds. This easy-to-use call will help you find birds you would otherwise never know were near. Produces all three sounds from one call Able to pull gobbles out of pressured birds Pileated wood pecker calling is highly effective in eastern US Mimicking coyote sounds is highly effective in all parts of the country FEATURES FROM THE BEGINNING OF PRIMOS IN 1976, TURKEY CALLS HAVE BEEN THE CORNERSTONE OF PRIMOS HUNTING In 1983, Will began assembling what would one day become the premier leader of hunting call manufacturers. It all began with mouth calls but has grown to have a plethora of slate calls, box calls, and push calls. Will took pride in not only knowing his turkey call worked, but proving it as well. He produced videos and sound tapes displaying the power of a Primos turkey call. PRIMOS HUNTING: SPEAK THE LANGUAGE Primos Hunting is the leader in the design and manufacturing of game calls for elk, deer, turkey, predator and waterfowl. Our commitment in game calls — to make great products built by hunters, for hunters – also extends to our blinds, shooting accessories, trail cameras, attractants & supplements, clothes and oth

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  • Brand Name : PRIMOS

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  • Distributor Product ID: PRI PS2910

    Distributor SKU: PRI PS2910

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  • Brand Name : PRIMOS
  • Distributor:
  • Distributor ID: PRI PS2910
  • Distributor SKU: PRI PS2910
  • Caliber: None
  • Categories: Turkey Season Special PROMOTIONS

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