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MOJO® Baby Drake/Hen Motorized Decoy Combo Details

• A Bass Pro Shops® and Cabela's® Exclusive! Maximize the MOJO magic in your decoy spread with the MOJO Outdoors® Baby MOJO® Hen and Drake Motorized Duck Decoy. Offering duck hunters all of the effectiveness of the MOJO Mallard® decoy in a smaller package, the Baby MOJO offers the same lifelike motion of a landing or lofting duck to draw in wary greenheads. A great choice for late season use in front of decoy-weary ducks, the Baby MOJO Hen and Drake combine vibrant colors and fantastic texture, along with the spinning-wing movement, for a truly realistic look. Dual-shaft, direct-drive motor spins the magnetically-connected PVC wings to deliver eye-catching, true-to-life flash and motion. Includes: 2 Decoy bodes, 2 three-piece support poles, 2 sets of wings, 4 feet, 2 four-AA battery holders.

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  • Brand Name : None
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  • Distributor ID: 149241
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