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Havalon® Gut Hook & Saw Combo Details

• Surgically-sharp stainless steel blade combo pack • Saw blades and gut hook blades tackle any outdoor task with ease • Replacement blades eliminate the need for sharpening stones Keep your Havalon® Piranta knife super-sharp and ready for a little cleaning action afield with these Gut Hook & Saw Combo replacement blades. These surgically-sharp stainless steel blades don't add any extra weight to your pack and you won't have to worry about carrying sharpening stones – simply snap on a new blade for an ultrasharp edge. Includes: Saw Blades – Boasts the same consistent cutting capabilities of a much larger saw in a size that slips right into your pocket. Compatible with any Piranta knife, as well as Havalon's Evolve Multitool. Each blade is 2.9"L (7.3 cm). Per 2. Gut Hook Blades – Dress anything from fish to deer and other game animals faster than ever before. Compatible with any Piranta knife. Each blade is 2.65"L (6.7 cm). Per 2. Weight: 39.6 g (1.4 oz.)

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  • Brand Name : None
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  • Distributor ID: 92671
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  • Categories: And Tools Fixed Blade Knives Hunting Folding

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