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Vortex® Defender Flip Cap Scope Covers Details

Protect your riflescope with the last flip cap you will ever need! Virtually indestructible this cap will fit snugly on nearly all Vortex Optics and features a snap flat spring that will keep your line of sight unobstructed. The eye (E-10) flip cap features three detent positions that allows the shooter to have the cap stand straight up (Pos. 1) to access custom laser engraved dope disk (optional accessory-sold separately from Vortex) data with ease. The second and third positions allow for 45 degree and 90 degree lay flat positions. A high quality flat spring and robust hinge design ensure barrier free vision and reliable operation, every time. Eyepiece fits all Vortex Riflescopes excluding Viper 1” tube. Model Fits E-10 Eyepiece 40-46mm (1.57-1.81-inches) Objective Lens 24 28-1/4-31-1/4mm (1-1/2-1.61-inches) Objective Lens 32 38-41mm (1.1-1.2-inches) Objective Lens 40 45.7-48.2mm (1.8-1.9-inches) Objective Lens 44 48-53mm (1.89-2.08-inches) Objective Lens 50 55-59mm (2.16-2.32-inches) Objective Lens 56 62-66mm (2.44-2.59-inches) Note: Sold as single pieces only.

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