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Tannerite® Exploding Rifle Targets - Cabela's Canadian 6 Pack Details

• Cabela's Exclusive • Mix it! Shake it! Shoot it! • Perfect for long range target practice and fun to use • Exceptionally stable and non-explosive until mixed • Gives immediate positive feedback when hit Tannerite® Exploding Rifle Targets are one of the most fun targets you can buy when used as directed. Tannerite is a binary explosive used primarily to make targets for firearms practice. Tannerite is unique because it is exceptionally stable when subjected to less severe forces such as a hammer blow, being dropped, or shot with a rimfire. The targets are supplied as two powders, that when carefully combined as indicated in the instructions, produce an explosive target. The two individual components are completely safe and stable by themselves, and will not explode until mixed together. Tannerite detonations only occur when the target is hit with a bullet at high velocity, producing a large explosion and cloud of water vapour. This is useful for long range shooting practice, as you get immediate feedback when a target is hit. The minimum recommended shooting distance for the targets is 100 yd. Includes four binary exploding targets, four catalyst packs, one mixing container and one set of earplugs. Model Quantity Total Tannerite Weight 1 lb. Targets 6 6 lb. per pack Note: PAL is required to purchase this product. Limit of 44 lb. of Tannerite powder.

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  • Brand Name : None
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  • Distributor ID: 99240
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