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Charging Handle Latch, Standard Details

This is the basic latch that comes with a charging handle. These are take offs from our charging handle ambi upgrades. They have never been in an upper, they literally brand new but are take offs. Blackened metal construction Basic charging handle latch Weight: 3g You get: (1) OEM charging handle latch Compatible with: OEM Mil-Spec charging handle bodies Installation Difficulty: Tools required: Pin punch, hammer Installation notes: I install the roll pin slightly first. Once engaged in the charging handle body but not interfering with the latch slot, I drop in the spring and latch in. Use the latch to compress the spring, drop a pin punch into the roll pin hole on the other side to secure the latch in position. Now tap the roll pin home.

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  • Brand Name : None
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  • Distributor ID: 4189
  • Distributor SKU: 688715046588 688725
  • Caliber: None
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