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Harris 9”-13” Swivel Bipod Details

• Ultralight weights 14 oz. • Extends from 9" to 13” • Leg notches in 1" increments The Harris® Model LM Series S Bipod will raise you up, with fully adjustable legs that extend from 9" to 13" for desirable firing positions, without dragging you down, with lightweight, heat-treated steel and hard alloys built into it. The bipod's legs are fully spring loaded to help get you ready and in firing position in no time, and they notch in 1" increments. Firing from awkward, uneven terrain won't be a problem with this Harris bipod's built-in swivels that help compensate for such positions. With the included sling swivel stud, you'll be able to easily attach your sling; and the bipod clamps to most Q.D. stud equipped bolt action rifles.

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  • Brand Name : None
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  • Distributor ID: 145546
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  • Categories: & Range Bipods Sticks Shooting Accessories

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