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Hultafors Outdoor Knife OK4 Details

Heavy duty outdoor knife with friction grip. The cutting edge of OK4 has a Scandinavian grind for ultimate long-lasting sharpness and is also easy to re-sharpen. Thanks to the 82 mm tang inside the handle, both knives are suitable for batoning. The grinded spine of the blade is designe for starting a fire with fire steel. To withstand rust and corrosion, the blade has a protective electrophoretic deposition coating (EDP), as well as an engraved scale. OK4 has a holster that is equipped with a fire steel holder. FEATURES: The cutting edge has a scandi grind for superior sharpness and is easy to resharpen. A protective electrophoretic deposition coating (EPD) for best rust protection. The handle is made from super-durable PP plastic and fitted with a Santoprene friction grip. A long tang makes the knife very durable. The textile beltloop allows up to 80mm wide belts and is equipped with a pocket for a fire starter. It is also detachable if you want to attach the holster to the button on your work clothes. Grinded spine for use of fire starter and scale engraved on blade is optimized for outdoor usage. SPECIFICATIONS: Blade Length: 93mm Total Length: 209mm Item Nr.: 975-380270

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  • Brand Name : Hultafors
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